Friday, July 28, 2017

Shortbox Showcase #053 - 4 Years Strong!

Shortbox Showcase #53 - Our 4th Anniversary!

Four years ago today (almost), our very first Shortbox Showcase episode debuted. Yes, the other shows in the network had gone live the week before, but since this has become our flagship show, we consider 7/30/13 as our official network starting date.

After covering some feedback, and talking about how awesome our listeners are and all that, we talk about what we have planned for our next year of podcasting.

And then we continue an ANNUAL tradition, by talking about an comic book Annual ... get it? We talk about Wonder Woman Rebirth Annual #1, cover-dated July 2017.

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Promo:The Sensational Adventures of Wonder Woman

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  1. Congrats on a fine anniversary episode. Slowing down makes sense though you're still planning to give us loads of content. I'm intrigued by Emily's tease (what the heck is 'vaguebooking'?).

    Apart from the Greg Rucka story - yet another first meeting, yawn - this really down sound like a lot of reheated Sensation Comics stuff. I want something big and significant in an annual, any shorts should be extra features.

    And anytime they call the lasso The Perfect they automatically lose 5000 points.

  2. "vaguebooking" is when someone posts a mysterious (and vague) comment, giving no details. This was Em's version of that.

    Yes, as we said, the Annual was very reminiscent on Sensation Comics, but for us, that's not a bad thing.