Friday, July 7, 2017

QBP #100, part 3

Quarter-Bin Podcast #100, part 3

The celebration continues! This is the Part 3 of the summer-long Quarter-Bin 100 Party! It's another 2-hour long monstrosity episode, in which Professor Alan talks about 18 different comics, with some of his best podcasting buds from around the world! This episode has DCs, Marvels & Independents, and includes quite possible the worst issue of the entire episode!

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Next Episode: Episode 100, part 4! Another 18 or so books, another 10 or so guests!

The music in the episode is from David Zaffiro. His music can be found here. 

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Source: In The Ballpark.


  1. Another great episode 100. Always happy to hear about the LEGION (add the dots yourself .......) and cool to hear Laurel in the mix.

    1. Thank you, Paul. Yes, Laurel did great, as did most everyone else ...