Friday, June 9, 2017

QBP #100, part 1

Quarter-Bin Podcast #100, part 1

It is finally here! This is the START of the summer-long Quarter-Bin 100 Celebration! In this 2-hour long monstrosity episode, Professor Alan talks about 17 different comics, with some of his best buddies in podcasting! This episode has DCs, Marvels & Independents! Books from the 1990s! And the late 1980s! And the 1990s! This episode has IT ALL!

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Next Episode: Episode 100, part 2! Another 18 or so books, another 12 or so guests!

The music in the episode is from Timbre Cierpke.

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  1. Happy birthday, Professor Alan, many congratulations – and thank you for a wonderfully imaginative way of celebrating. I love the sheer variety of comics and voices on this episode – and of course, your own mellifluous tones. I've not read many of the books discussed but the talk made it easy to imagine... my big takeaway is that I really do have to get around to reading Quasar.

    (My other takeaway is that other people are a heck of a lot better than myself at being pithy...)

    Of the comics I have read, my favourite is the Superman Christmas issue, I reviewed it on the blog a couple of years back. That issue could melt the coldest Arctic Fortress.

    Despite the high level of craft, my least favourite is Hawkworld - Tim Truman's take squeezed all the charm out of one of my favourite series, and boy, those non-feathery wings were ugly as sin. The only DC character to suffer a worse fate around this time was Adam Strange in the Richard Bruning/Kubert Brothers mini-series. If I could make that splendidly dismissive, disgusted 'ugh' noise Rob Kelly has down pat, I'd be doing it right now. If you ever need anyone to review an issue of THAT...

    Please tell me this party is continued next week!

    1. As a matter of fact, Sir Martin, part 2 is indeed schedule for release this friday, 6/16. Then there is a few week wait for #3. Glad you enjoyed!

  2. Absolutely loving your issue 100 celebration!! Clever format and the bite-sized reviews are perfect!! Also, lovely to hear from so many different excellent podcasters! And hooray for Justice League Europe!!

    Can't wait to listen to subsequent installments!

  3. Thank you, sir. Glad that you weren't bitter that we had the audacity to have SOMEONE ELSE talk about JLE!