Friday, March 17, 2017

QBP #094 - Madame Xanadu #1

Quarter-Bin Podcast #94

Madame Xanadu #1, DC Comics / Vertigo, cover-dated August 2008.

"Chapter the First," by Matt Wagner, with art by Amy Reeder Hadley.

When a woman who can see the future sees calamity, can she do anything to change that fate? Can her powerful lover the Wizard do anything? How about the eerie Stranger who shows up unannounced? Can anyone change the coming disaster? Listen to the episode and find out!

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Next Episode: Sandman 47 - 49, DC Comics / Vertigo, cover-dated March, April & May 1993.

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  1. I have to say, you are on a roll with the latest QBP episodes. The Weird, Delano Animal Man, and now one of my favorite titles Madame Xanadu.

    I will say I was drawn to the book because Matt Wagner was writing the book. I had loved his work on Sandman Mystery Theater at the time. And I knew he could handle more myth-based stuff with his work on Mage. So this seemed like a no-brainer. I stuck with the title and got all 29 issues. Fun stuff.

    Xanadu being Nimue and based in the time of Camelot is pretty brilliant. Like you, I very much enjoy Arthurian stuff. And including the Stranger also was a nice touch, cementing this in 'continuity' even if a Vertigo book.

    The rest of the book brings more stories from this time as well as stories in the present, the 60s/70s/etc. Well worth any quarters they will cost.

    I will also add that this was my first in depth look at the art of Amy Reeder Hadley (now just Amy Reeder). I really love her stuff. She brings a slightly slightly anime feel to things. But her art is so cinematic, really guiding the eye. I would highly highly recommend her Rocket Girl book (with Brandon Montclare). The art there is just brilliant.

    Hope you find more of these!

    1. Thanks, Dr A, I appreciate the kind words. Enjoying the Vertigo Vortex myself!

      Yes, the art was properly mythic, and the pseudo-anime style was consistent with the otherworldliness of the whole story. Great world-building on both Wagner's and Reeder's parts.