Friday, November 18, 2016

SS #047 - Wonder Woman at 75!

Shortbox Showcase #47 - Still Sensational at 75!

To celebrate Wonder Woman's 75th publishiversary, Emily and Alan talk about the Amazon Princess, her history, and their history as WW fans.

Then they talk about some of their favorite stories from volume 1 of the new digital-first anthology series "Sensation Comics." They talk about stories by Gail Simone, Ethan van Sciver, Jaime Hernandez, and many, many others. They also give their thoughts on the latest trailer for the Gal Gadot WW movie.

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Jaime Hernandez' take on Wonder Woman's biceps.
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1 comment:

  1. Thanks for a great show, very stimulating i.e. we don't agree on much! But I know you like different opinions.

    I hate the sword and shield, forget going equipped for the job, Diana gets the job done with her unique weapons - and they don't include a sword that will take your head off

    Also, she doesn't need massive bracers - the point of bullets and bracelets is that their smallness shows her skill. And she's not an ordinary Amazon, she's the greatest, fast enough to stop machine gun fire.

    I don't think there was a groovy white suited Wondy in digital Sensation Comics but I may be misremembering. I liked a good few of the stories in the series but there was far too much Batman stuff in there, not enough of her own villains.

    I don't like the talking to animals bit. Did that even exist before the PĂ©rez run?

    I really dislike all the faffing about with her costume. Did creators get to do that with digital Superman and Batman? Nope. But Diana, she's a dress-up doll!

    And apart from on telly, she's not 3000 years old, Hippolytus created her after thousands of years of loneliness.

    The Trinity bit started not with Greg Rucka but Matt Wagner's mini-series of that name, and how I hate the term being applied to Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman... hey, I'm Roman Catholic. To me, they already had a collective nickname, the Big Three. I'm surprise you didn't think of them as such until recently, Emily and Alan, because I can't remember a time when I didn't have DC's trio of stars rolling off the tongue like so: SupermanBatmanWonderWoman

    The movie people really have some 'splaining to do as regards Diana withdrawing for 100 years after World War One. The Holocaust isn't enough to make her forget whatever her issues are?

    Can't wait for Part Two of your look at Diana!