Friday, November 25, 2016

QBP #086 - Wonder Woman Retroactive 1970s

Quarter-Bin Podcast #86

DC Retroactive Wonder Woman the '70s, DC Comics, cover-dated September 2011.

"Savage Ritual," by Dennis O'Neil & J Bone.
"The First of Flame," by Dennis O'Neil and Dick Giordano.

How does it work when a top-notch writer revisits a character and era that they wrote 40 years earlier? Is that old-school magic still there? How does the modern retro effort compare to an actual story from the early 1970s? Listen to this super-mod episode and find out!

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Next Episode: Doctor Fate #1 & #2, DC Comics, cover-dated July & August 1987.

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  1. I'm not a huge fan of Bronze Age DC comics. Especially the main titles of the "trinity" characters. The more off-beat characters are more my speed from the Bronze Age. Probably not a popular opinion, but there it is.

    The way you described the Denny O'Neil lead feature actually reminded me of the failings of many Bronze Age stories I've read. So I can't help but wonder if Denny did that on purpose. Maybe he was aping the more lackluster Bronze Age tales. Just a thought.

    Another great episode! Keep up the great work!!

    The Irredeemable Shag
    The Fire and Water Podcast Network

    1. I wouldn't put "meta" past O'Neill, but I don't know that he's self-aware (or self-critical) enough to make fun of HIMSELF. But I like your positive, optimistic approach!

  2. Professor Alan did you like that WW #201 Catwoman costume less than the green number in Batman #197?

    That first new story in the WW Retroactive was just awful, it read more like a poor Robert Kanigher riff than O'Neil himself.

    I always thought it was a shame that when she got her powers back Diana didn't use her karate skills at a super level.

    Anyway, thanks for another fun episode, I loved the rumination on magic, not least for the background music.

  3. Doh, and a big fat yes to more DC Retroactive, I loved that event.

    1. Thank you for both comments, Martin! As long as the rest of the "new Retro" stories were better than this one, I'll keep my mind open!

  4. Doctor Fate #1 & 2 from 1987? Didn't I buy those for you, but recommend against covering them on the show? I seem to recall the word, "impenetrable" being used. I believe also bought you the 2000s Dr Fate mini with Hector Hall/Dr Fate suggesting you read that instead. But do you listen to me....

    1. Thanks for the pre-feedback! I'll talk all about how this was your fault, you encouraged my to cover these, etc ...

  5. In regard to more Retroactive comics, I recall these being pretty good:
    Batman 90s
    Flash 80s and 90s
    JLI 90s
    Green Lantern 90s

    The JLA 80s was okay (I love Gerry Conway), but it went too far to establish a meta-nod to a future creator.

    1. The other two I have are JLAs. I think it's 70s & 90s.