Tuesday, October 4, 2016

SS #046 - Luke Cage and Blaxploitation Comics

Shortbox Showcase #46 - We're Just Talking About Cage

Have you missed Uncovering the Bronze Age? Well, then this episode is the one for you! Emily gets her sociology on, as she and Alan talk about the 70's phenomenon of Blaxploitation media. They focus largely on the character of Luke Cage, and what it is about Luke that has made him a popular character to this day.

Special thanks to Stella, Donovan Morgan Grant, and Derek Coward for their contributions to this episode.

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  1. More archiving comments! Incredible!

    The idea of citing comics in academic papers is fascinating to someone who grew up in an era where comics were not considered worthy of any recognition. (Once in college, for a brief assignment,I wanted to compare/contrast Swamp Thing's journey through Hell to save Abby with Dante's Inferno. It was summarily shot down.) So kudos to everyone who brings them in to their thesis projects or other papers.

    But I am afraid to ask about Volume numbers in the citations as it picked the scab of archiving collections again.

    How do you cite volumes? By true title name? Or by main word.

    Is it 'The Mighty Thor' volume 1? Or just Thor Vol 1?

    It is 'The Daring New Adventures of Supergirl Vol 1'? Or 'Supergirl' Volume 2?

    And what if a book changes name midway?

    Does 'Saga of the Swamp Thing' Vol 1 become 'Swamp Thing' Vol 2 once the name changes? Or does the whole thing get put under the name 'Swamp Thing' Vol 2?

    Thanks for making me buy another Excedrin for this latest headache!