Sunday, June 5, 2016

CRJ #012 - May 2016

Professor Alan's Comic Book Reading Journal #012

May 2016

So what comic books did Professor Alan read since the last time he talked about the comics he read? How many were for podcast appearances? (Lots). How many were from the Golden Age? And how many did he read just because he wanted to?

Listen to this super-special episode #12 ... and find out!

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Next Episode: What comics did Professor Alan read during June? Will he read more comics now that he's on summer vacation? Find out when that episode comes out in early July. 

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  1. Thank you for the reminder that I should check out more Girlfrenzy(!) I don't really think of it as an event or a series, in fact the only 2 I own, The Mist & Tomorrow Woman I do so because I bought their parent titles off the rack at the time (so I'm checking in with these at a full cover price).

    You sound sufficiently penitent for having not read much Starman, but The Mist issue had much of the same flavor. One of the things I love about that series was James Robinson's use of one-off stories to continue to weave the tapestry that was his Opal City saga. The Mist, while not essential reading, certainly provided a few new threads in what I still consider one of my favorite comics runs of all time.

    Very enjoyable listen, Professor!

    1. Thanks, Mark! I have found that a lot of these 5th-week events produced better stories than I would have expected.

      And yes, Starman is definitely on the "get to eventually" list

  2. Whoa whoa who, wait a second... there's ANOTHER Further Adventure of U.S. 1 that I completely missed reading and doing a writeup for!?

    [stay tuned]