Monday, April 4, 2016

If Only I'd Known

I was reading a comic recently, and ran across this ad for the three-issue prestige-format series from 1990. I covered the series in three episode, just about two years ago.

Book 1: Quarter-Bin Podcast #15
Book 2: Quarter-Bin Podcast #18
Book 3: Quarter-Bin Podcast #21

In the course of those episodes, I discussed how, although I enjoyed parts of the series, the overall arc of Adam Strange's character disturbed me, as did the grimness of the ending.

I wonder if my reactions would have been different had I known that DC had marketed the series by calling it "The Fall of Adam Strange." Knowing not to expect the Silver-Age style of his early adventures may have prepared me for this "darkening" of the character. But of course, had I known that's where the story was going, maybe I never would have picked up the issues.