Friday, November 27, 2015

SS #039 - Perspective & Perception

Shortbox Showcase #39

Perspectives & Perception.

Professor Alan and Emily talk about how different perspectives can be shown artistically in a comic book, including (but not limited to) how the world of the physically handicapped can be portrayed. They spend most of their time talking about these issues via recent issues of Hawkeye & Daredevil.

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  1. pardon the intrusion here professor but would you like to see the cover art for the ROM zero issue for Free Comic Book Day next year? i think you know where to go right?

  2. Hi there,
    It's Anj from the Supergirl blog and I have been a long time listener but have never commented before ... mostly because I listen in my car and by the time I get to a place to leave a comment, I forget what I was going to say.

    Luckily, this time I was listening in my office to this episode and thought I would share an issue you might want to hunt down and could very well be in a quarter bin.

    Supergirl #65, from the Peter David run ( takes place in a school for the deaf. It shows nicely both Supergirl dealing with the students and the students dealing with Supergirl. So you see what it is like for someone with hearing to interact with deaf folks and the reverse.

    It is nice issue from a nice run.

    Thanks for the great show. I am always listening!