Sunday, October 11, 2015

QBP #060 - Preview Copies

Quarter-Bin Podcast #60

In this special episode, Professor Alan reviews a trio of free review copies of new books he has received recently. And since one of the books is very monster-themed, be is joined by Luke Jaconetti to review that issue. The books covered in this special episode are:

Project Nemesis Book One, by Jeremy Robinson, with art by Matt Frank.

Red Hot #1 & #2, by Mike Luoma, with art by Rhys ap Gwyn, Juan Carlos Quattordio, and Bettina Fertitta.

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Promo #1: Waves of Tech 
Promo #2: Mark's Mess vs. Atlantis Attacks

Link #1: Red Hot, by Mike Luoma
Link #2: Project Nemesis, by Jeremy Robinson
Link #3: Luke Jaconetti's Earth Destruction Directive podcast

Next Episode: Morbius Revisited #5, Marvel Comics, cover-dated December 1993.

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