Thursday, June 18, 2015

QBP #054 - Doctor Strangefate

Quarter-Bin Podcast #54

Doctor Strangefate, Amalgam Comics, cover-dated April 1996.

"The Decrees of Fate" by Ron Marz, with art by Jose-Luis Garcia-Lopez and Kevin Nowlan.

As the Marvel Universe is merging with the DC Universe, the man called Access wants to pull the amalgamated world apart. But the most powerful man in the Amalgam world, Doctor Strangefate, likes the new world just the way it is, thank you very much. What happens when he sends his three agents to bring him Access? Listen to Professor Alan and special guest Shawn Engel, and find out!

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Link: The Iron Lantern episode of Shawn Engel's "Just One of the Guys" podcast.

Next Episode: Challengers of the Fantastic, Amalgam Comics, cover-dated June 1997.

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