Wednesday, May 27, 2015

QBP #053 - Fantastic Four Annual 20

Quarter-Bin Podcast #53

Fantastic Four Annual #20, Marvel Comics, cover-dated 1987.

"Double Double," written by Steve Englehart, with art by Paul Neary & Tony Dezuniga.

It's time for an annual pilgrimage for the rightful ruler of Latveria. What happens when the arch-villain Reed Richards refuses to aid the noble leader? Does Reed really want to bring child-care strategies into the conversation? And exactly how members are in the so-called "Fantastic" so-called "Four" anyway?

Doom invites you to listen to the episode and find out!

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Link: Dave Elliott's Fantastic Fourcast podcast

Next Episode: Doctor Strangefate, Amalgam Comics, cover-dated 1996. With a super-special mystery guest (hint: it's Shawn Engel)!

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