Tuesday, December 9, 2014

SS #026 - Superman and Batman, BFFs!

Shortbox Showcase #026

Emily and Professor Alan are joined by veteran podcaster Michael Bradley. Michael's podcasting efforts include a Superman solo show, a Batman solo show, and a joint Superman / Batman show. So it seemed only fitting that he join us to talk about the Man of Steel and the Caped Crusader, their friendship, their working relationship, and their fans.

Along the way we talk about the story "A Time Beyond Hope," written by Paul Levitz, with art by Renato Guedes and Jose Wilson, published in Superman Batman Annual #4, cover-dated August 2010. This story takes place in the Batman Beyond universe, and that TV show is also discussed, as well as our thoughts on how Superman and Batman might spend their retiring years.

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  1. http://tmblr.co/ZOdX7m1XTc2p5
    The ASPUW wants you!

  2. Superman & Batman absolutely are the Mount Rushmore of superheroes. Though the one I'm really taking pictures of during that tourist stop is Spider-Man, swinging by and webbing moustaches on both. ;)

    Seriously, I've never found myself getting deep into either one. I've seen the movies and watched the 90s cartoons for both, but haven't followed any of the subsequent shows, and any dabbling I've done in their respective books has never led me to settle in very long. I've just never found either hugely interesting. They're absolutely the foundations upon which all of this started, I guess I've just been more interested in the ornamented pillars and archways which have risen up since.

    And before anyone starts throwing the word old at sprightly Alan, I must say, my introduction to both character was from the West/Ward Batman series, and George Reeves' Superman. Both were still in regular syndication in the 80s, and it's been great seeing at least Batman getting some fresh airplay now to hopefully introduce at least a handful of new unaware youngsters.

    As for Man of Steel, I was ready to hate it. Much of what I heard about it angered me. Caving and reading the novelization angered me. When I finally sat down to watch the film... I was mostly okay with it. There's still a few specific things about it that really bother me, but the majority of the picture overall was quite well made with some thoughtful moments I didn't expect, and Cavill's Superman wasn't the constant grim brooder I expected. Most of the time, at least. If you ever do see it, Emily, I would be fascinated to hear your thoughts. Granted, my favorite Superman films are 3 & 4, so what do I know. :)