Tuesday, April 1, 2014

QBP #023 - Primortals #9

Quarter-Bin Podcast 23

Leonard Nimoy's Primortals #9, cover-dated November 1995.
"Alien Attacked By Terrorists," by Christopher Mills & James Chambers, with art by Kirk Manley and Mark Barreiro.

A red-skinned alien has landed on Earth, and he's been trying his best to make nice-nice with world leaders, with varying results. But out in space, some other aliens are also approaching the planet. They have sent word that they are coming, too. Hey, wait a minute, forget about all of that! Mr. Spock wrote a comic series? Well, yeah. Sort of. Listen to the episode to find out all about it!

Next Episode: Micronauts #7, Marvel Comics, cover-dated July 1979.

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Link: Christopher Mills' comments on writing this title

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  1. While I haven't read most of them yet beyond the first couple of issues (with the exception of Mr. Hero, which I instantly fell for and devoured with a passion), I did actually pick up a near complete collection of the entire Tekno Comix line a few years back, with the intention of making it into a fun blogging project. That hasn't come to fruition yet, but I still have those issues lying around, so maybe one day. :)

    They did, however, also lead me to the blogs of Christopher Mills, and he's been an incredibly informative individual to follow and occasionally chat with. His recent line of web comics have also been a delight to read.

    And if "thought bubbles" can't be a verb, I no longer wish to call this world my home!

  2. Thanks again for the comments, Noel. I am intrigued now in poking around Christopher Mills' blog and web comics, as that one blog post I found on his Tekno-work was very interesting.

    Spoilers, but Emily and I will be talking about Mister Hero some time in August, and there are more Tekno-books in the 25-cent database, so you never know if one will re-appear here. BTW, if you ever get that Tekno blog going, definitely let me know.