Sunday, February 9, 2014

Quarter-Bin Podcast #017

The 'Nam #15, cover-dated February 1988.

"Notes From The World," by Doug Murray, with art by Wayne Vansant and Geof Isherwood.

Ed Marks has made it home, but his experiences make him realize how poorly he fits into civilian society. His letter to his old unit in Viet Nam signify that he, and the unit, and the book, have moved into a new era.

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Next Episode: Adam Strange: The Man of Two Worlds, Book #2, cover-dated April 1990.

Promo: In Country.  Check out Tom Panarese's take on this same issue, as his latest episode (relaeased today as well) covers the exact same issue.

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  1. Where's the "Click here to download episode directly" thing??? I need that thing, I need it!!!! er.. please.