Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Quarter-Bin Podcast Episode #016

Stormwatch: Team Achilles #4, cover-dated November 2002.

"Back Doors," by Micah Ian Wright, with art by Whilce Portacio & Sal Regla.

Professor Alan takes his first steps (not just on the podcast, but in his life) into the Wildstorm line. Why does this issue seem like an origin story? What does "Team Achilles" mean anyway? Does the image on the cover have anything to do with the content of the story?  Listen to the episode and find out!

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Next Episode: The 'Nam #15. If all goes to plan, Tom Panarese will cover the same book on the same day on his podcast, In Country.

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  1. Hey Professor Alan!

    Just wanted to drop a note saying how much I enjoy the Quarter Bin Podcast! I've finished the entire back catalog and am desperate for more!

    The Adam Strange issue was especially interesting to me. I'm a recent convert to the character, the Planet Heist (pre-Rann/Thanagar War miniseries) was my gateway drug into Adam. I'm interested to see where this miniseries your covering leaves the character. Seems to me so many Adam Strange stories are similar - Alanna in trouble, Sardath suspected of evil-doing, Rann threatened, and finally no real changes/consequences that last. Seems every new writer ignores or "fixes" previous changes to return the character to his "iconic" status. Can you feel my dissatisfaction? I dug the Planet Heist armor and was bummed to see the classic look return.

    Your Cage episode had me on the edge of my seat. The comic sounded somewhat interesting, but I was dying for you to say the catch phrase tying the episode and the date together. You delivered it perfectly. Well done sir!

    Your Micronauts coverage made my heart soar!! Love that series so much!!! Wonderfully dense writing with luscious artwork! I started reading it a few years ago in an effort to feed my love of late Bronze Age comics. To paraphrase NBC's slogan from a decade ago, "If I haven't read it, it's new to me!" Find your comic book joy!!

    Keep up the great work! Your summaries are well done and really paint the picture. Your commentary is insightful and entertaining. You've really tapped into some kind of zeitgeist with the peek into comics history, the random nature of issues, the brevity, and your delivery!!

    I've never read the 'Nam, so next episode should be a treat! Got any Firestorm or Aquaman comics in your quarter books? If so, let me know. Maybe we could do a similar crossover with our podcast!

    The Irredeemable Shag
    The Fire and Water Podcast
    Who's Who Podcast
    Firestorm Fan.com

    1. Great to have you listening, Shag. Thanks for getting caught up, and for replying.