Thursday, November 28, 2013

Shortbox Showcase #011

Shooting the Breeze with Luke!

We had a great conversation with Luke Jaconetti for our recent feedback episode, but much of what we talked about did not actually qualify as feedback. So consider this the deleted scences and expanded scenes from episode #10.  Even more Anime, some Asterix, the Daredevil movie, Ultra-Man and Godzilla are all discussed ... in the Shortbox!

We would love to have your feedback on this episode! (if Luke can do it, you can, too!)
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  1. The Marc Cerasini run of Godzilla novels is actually my favorite incarnation of the Big G. Big, sprawling, exciting blockbusters littered with dozens of monsters per book, but never short on good characters and clever story, and with a tight continuity between volumes. Sadly, Toho - still peeved over what happened with the '98 film - refused to extend Random House's license, so the fifth and final book has never been published beyond a preview in book four.

    Great books, definitely worth tracking down. The book series by Scott Ciencin, not so much.

  2. I figured there were some, but am glad to hear that you liked them (well, some of them anyway)