Thursday, May 9, 2024

QBP #206 -- Free Comic Book Day 2024!!!

Quarter-Bin Podcast #206

Free Comic Book Day 2024

It's time to celebrate the official holiday of The Quarter-Bin Podcast! 

 How did Professor Alan do at Free Comic Book Day this year? How many books did he nab -- and what did he think of them? How many stores did he end up visiting? And what "bonus" free issues will he also cover?

Listen to the episode and find out! 

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Next Episode: Jack Hunter #1, Blackthorne Publishing, cover-dated July 1987.

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  1. Sounds like a great day. A couple of comments!
    FCBD was a busy day for me with a family commitment in the late afternoon and a work shift in the wee hours. But I still managed to hit two store, my own LCS and a new store which opened near work. Thus I was able to procure 6 books on the day.

    I got the DC Absolute Power freebie and it cemented my early thoughts that I would not be getting this crossover event outside of monthlies I collect.

    But I also got the Flash Gordon book because I liked the entire creative team (Adams writing, Conrad on interiors, Panosian on cover). Solid book with a good hook. Gordon is a sort of hit-or-miss property with me. When it is done well, it sings. I would highly HIGHLY recommend you chase down the Parker/Shaner series from a while ago. Tremendous.

    I was also thrilled to see the Asterix book because I love the property and I thought it was a fun way to expose people to the little Gaul!

    The other three I grabbed were kid books as I always hand them to my younger relatives to entice them into the hobby. And I 1000% concur that the Spidey book is perfect in that regard. Given to the 4yr old son of my god-daughter... perfect timing.

    I was on the move so couldn't dilly-dally at either store but both had a healthy crowd when the doors open. And I bought something from both places to try and help support these places.

    1. Yes, like usual, the non-big-2 stood out.

      One of the great things about this day is that it is the one time each year where the small-press books and the publishers who struggle to get into comic shops have their product right there next to the big guys. Everyone is equal on Free Comic Book Day.