Thursday, April 25, 2024

E&E #014 - Anatomy of a Collection, pt 2

Alan's Eyes & Ears #014 - Anatomy of a Collection, pt 2

In this second episode of this podcast mini-series, Alan continues his attempt to talk about EVERY comic in his collection. Picking up where he left off last time, he talks about Batman and related comics, Blitzkrieg, Camelot 3000, Blackhawk, the legendary Captain Canuck ... and more!

What embarrassing bits about his comic book life does the Professor reveal? Is there a significant difference between which comics end up on the bookshelf versus the boxes in the basement? Just how inconsistent is he about books related to Batman. And just WHO is the actual world's greatest detective?

Listen to this episode ... and find out!

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  1. Just listen to this episode and quite impressed with the tidy sum of comics you have. I have about 4x that amount in the 'official collection' and definitely need to cull. (I also have an 'unofficial collection' of about 4 long boxes of books ... yeesh.)

    After listening I have a few comments
    1) Yes Beowulf is insanity. I did deep dive reviews of all the issues on Diabolu Frank's DC Bloodlines site years ago. Such a wild ride!

    2) Did I hear you right that you got Black Lightning signed by Isabella and Von Eeden BUT ALSO you have no Black Lightning in your collection meaning those signed issues are somehow gone?? What in the world?? Please tell me I misheard things.

    3) No Chaykin Blackhawk in the collection???

    4) I have always wondered about Blitzkrieg. Isn't that a book told from the Nazi perspective?

    Anyways, fascinating discussion. Love it!

    1. Fear not, friend. The signed issue of Black Lightning is technically in Em's Bronze Age collection!

      Haven't read Blitzkrieg yet. I'll report back after November.