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QBP #203 - Patsy Walker aka Hellcat! #1

Quarter-Bin Podcast #203

Patsy Walker aka Hellcat! #1, Marvel Comics, cover-dated February 2016.

The untitled story was written by Kate Leth, with art by Brittney Williams.

What happens when Professor Alan tackles a light-hearted comic, one with a gentle fun tone? Does he enjoy it, or is his cold cold heart unmoved? And how do elements in this issue compare to similar elements from the book he covered last time?

Listen to the episode and find out! 

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Next Episode: Ms Tree 9 , Eclipse Comics, cover-dated August 1984.

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  1. Interesting comic to bring attention too. I didn't get this one. And I wholeheartedly agree that this does just what a #1 issue is supposed to do. You know the theme, the cast, and a subplot. More than enough to bring you back if it clicks.

    I also think this wouldn't click for me. These days I mostly read comics for escapism and entertainment. And I probably have room for maybe 1 title of whimsy 'slice of life' adventures.

    One thing that I think has happened is that there is a glut of whimsical 'slice of life' comics on the racks these days, both back in 2016 and now. And I don't know if the market can sustain more of this type than others. I also think it waters down the genre a little when there are so many titles about it. For me, I tend to give She-Hulk a long leash because I love Jen. But that means I prob won't buy others.

    Perhaps worse is when comics can't commit and do a hodgepodge of 'slice of life' and adventure. That isn't going to help anyone. The recent Supergirl special spent a lot of time showing how alone she feels and how she eats cupcakes. Maybe an introspective issue is okay in a monthly title now and then ... but a special?

    Anyways, this is rambling. As I always say, if you like a comic I am happy for you. Happy comic fans buy more comics and keep the comic market churning.

    Glad you liked it.

    1. Just to be clear, Doctor, I am not saying that I would have loved this to the same extent if I had paid full cover price for it back when it was new. That is one of the glories of the quarter-bin, that it enables you to take a chance on a strange, offbeat, unusual book, with only a slight investment of money, time, and attention.

      And I do think that you are right on target in saying that even for someone like me, who likes the slice-of-life sort of story, I only want them as the side dish, as the occasional diversion.