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E&E #011 - DC Super-Heroine Moments, pt 1

Alan's Eyes & Ears #011 - DC's Greatest Super-Heroines Moments

In this 11th episode of the podcast, Alan is joined by 3 wonderful guests (Ms Stella, the Irredeemable Shagg, & Martin Gray) to discuss sections of the 2018 hardcover book, DC Comics Super Heroines: 100 Greatest Moments, edited by Robert Greenberger. This episode is the first of a two-part series.

Characters covered in this episode are Barbara Gordon, Ice & Fire, (Killer) Frost, Saturn Girl, & Princess Projectra.

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  1. Great episode. I do think that 'moments' makes you think of a singular event/scene and not a character's growth. But I might have a couple of thoughts.

    I only feel knowledgeable about the Legion to comment so a few things.

    1) The Projectra neck snap - for one, Nemesis Kid had a history with both Karate Kid and Projectra, having been a traitor from the beginning when they were initiated into the Legion at the same time. So this one had history.

    I'll also say that Nemesis Kid power is to immediately have a resistence/method of overcoming his enemy's powers. So yes, he was immune to her illusions but not her training. Great moment.

    2) Saturn Girl - I definitely concur with Mart that Imra defeating Mon-El and Ultra Boy easily in the Universo Project is a huge moment and should have been included.

    But for me, her moment, occurs in Legion of Super-Heroes Annual #3 - standing up to Darkseid, begging him to give her back her son, and then going to him again. Gutsy. (

    As for other moments -
    Dream Girl being elected leader right before Great Darkness is a moment, especially given how well she led the team through that.

    Shrinking Violet - not a 'moment', but she went from shy wallflower, to kidnap victim, to more aggressive and independent, to finally being in one of the first open gay relationships in comics. She has the biggest arc I would say.

    Great show all around. Great guests.

    Thanks for doing this!

    1. Thanks for that -- all this Legion talk has me really wanting to go back for a read-through of some of the issues!