Thursday, November 16, 2023

QBP #199 - Legion of Super-Heroes 1

Quarter-Bin Podcast #199

Legion of Super-Heroes 1, DC Comics, cover-dated February 1973.

"The Lad Who Wrecked the Legion," by Jerry Siegel, with art by Jim Mooney.
"The Riddle of the Space Rainbow," by Otto Binder, with art by Jim Mooney.
What happens when Professor heads back to the seventies to cover a reprint issue with a lead story from the sixties and a backup from the fifties? Why does he end up so befuddled?

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Next Episode: Iron Man 200, Marvel Comics, November 1985.

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Source: Bedrock Comics

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  1. Great coverage. The Legion is my second fave IP from DC and was one of the Super-Bloggers, covering a number of the Legion runs.

    The 'green legs' on the cover are definitely Ultra Boy's, just based on the boots.

    My main comment is about the Tommy Tomorrow story. First off, Supergirl did indeed boot him out of Action (and I think basically out of comics) starting in 252. She remained there for looong time.

    As for Tommy Tomorrow, i can never read his stories without remembering that Howard Chaykin made him a mega-fascist in his Twilight series. And Brent becomes a sort of virginal religious acolyte in that book too.

    Lastly, I think a lot of acid was dropped back in the day. Alien fishermen cutting through the fabric of the universe???

    1. How do you manage to work Chaykin into every comic book analysis?

      Reminds me of the time Doctor Doom ...