Friday, September 1, 2023

CRJ #099 (FINAL EPISODE) - August 2023

Professor Alan's Comic Book Reading Journal #099 (FINAL EPISODE)

August 2023

So what comics did Professor Alan read last month? How many featured the strangest cosmic entities and ideas ever, as part of #JackKirbyMonth? 

And what SHOCKING SECRETS does Alan reveal about the REAL REASONS behind ending the show?

Listen to the episode and FIND OUT!

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Next Episode: THERE WILL NOT BE ONE. Stay tuned to the network for our regular shows, as well as the brand-new Alan's Eyes & Ears, coming in September 2023.

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  1. I'm sad to see this show go but I am excited to hear the newer version coming up. The idea that your reading was influenced by the show is a fascinating one. I wondered why on this show there weren't any 'I completely binged and read all Alan Moore Swamp Things again' segments. Now I know.

    That said, I do hope we get to hear some binges. I have never read any Nexus (I know ... revoke my nerd card) and would love to hear your thoughts. My hope would be that there would not only be an overall review of the title but any particular issues or scenes you found memorable. Or issues that you thought would be good ones for people who want to sample a book to see if it is for them.

    And glad you will be using the next show to discuss other media forms!

    So farewell CRJ and hello next step in evolution!

    1. Onward and possibly upward!

      And a binge would be nice.

  2. CLICKBAIT TITLE: Cheap Professor Hits Rock Bottom! Ends Podcast!

    I'll always be tempted to refer to your new show as "Alan's Eyes, Ears, Nose, and Throat," although I'm not sure what new media forms would fulfill the promise of that title!

    On comics, I've seen "Letter 44" in the shops. Hearing that there is an end in mind, and possibly in sight nudges me towards picking it up. Among your Kirby comics was one of my favorite issues, I'm glad it was also among your favorites of the month.