Tuesday, August 2, 2022

CRJ #086 - July 2022

Professor Alan's Comic Book Reading Journal #086

July 2022

So what comics did Professor Alan read last month? How many were from cheap bins? And how many focused on saloons, shootouts, owlhoots, and marshals, as part of #WesternComicsMonth? Listen to the episode AND FIND OUT!!!

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Promo: The Overlooked Dark Knight

Next Episode: What comics did Professor Alan read during August -- how many will be for #JackKirbyMonth? Listen to the next episode, which should be out in early September.

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  1. Hey Prof!
    Sounds like a fun month.
    I'm not a huge reader of Western comics but I did love the Palmiotti/Gray Jonah Hex series. As you said, solid one-and-dones for the most part. They also brought in a bevy of fantastic artists. I often felt nostalgic because I would buy that book often based on the cover or the artist on the issue. That felt a bit like the spinner rack where the right image would spur a purchase, pun intended.
    I suppose that sort of intermittent purchase pattern doesn't work in this current market where stores have to buy based on presumed sales. Such a shame.
    As for the rest of your reads, I have memories of the build up to the Helix imprint. For one, it was originally called Matrix but the hit movie quickly squelched that idea. Second, it was pitched like Vertigo. Instead of 'weird', this was 'sci-fi' for the more mature reader.
    But mostly I remember it for the one book I did read from Helix, Howard Chaykin's Cyberella. It is a mishmash of many Chaykin tropes - media influences, the devil, the general population being bamboozled by the government. But this a series where Chaykin reads like he hates his audience, insulting comic readers in places ... which doesn't feel good when you *are* his audience. It also includes a fairly withering indictment of the EXTREME nature of the 90s and Image at that time. For a long time fan of his work, Cyberella feels like a curiosity. Perhaps I will ask him about it should I see him at a con soon.

    Enjoy Kirby month. Hope you partake of some First Issue Specials he did!

    1. Disappointed, Doc. Expected the Chaykin reference earlier in the comment!