Tuesday, June 14, 2022

RGP #039 - Grab Bags!

Relatively Geeky Presents -- The Grab Bag Show!

What happens when Professor Alan gives up his miserly ways and spends almost $11 on 3 blind-bags of comics? Sixteen total comics (well, fifteen, to be honest) are discussed in this episode!

How many were duplicates? How many had he read before? How many star his long-time comic book crush? And how many feature dudes with epic ponytails?

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Promo: Two True Freaks

Link: Ollie's Bargain Outlet

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  1. Well, it was a good run but I'm afraid I'm gonna have to stop listening to the podcast. I mean, disparaging Thunderstrike? The character second only to Quasar in Marvel's pantheon?

    Of course that's nothing compared to the trauma you put poor Charlie Niemeyer through with your hatred of the Power Rangers.

    To quote Bugs Bunny: "For shame, Doc!"

    1. So sorry, Gene. I accept your disapprobrium.

      But let's just keep this episode away from Charlie, OK?