Thursday, May 12, 2022

QBP #182 - Ms Tree #1

Quarter-Bin Podcast #182

Ms. Tree's Thrilling Detective Adventures #1, Eclipse Comics, cover-dated February 1983, for #CrimeComicsMonth.

"Death Do Us Part," written by Max Allan Collins, with art by Terry Beatty.

What happens when Professor Alan tackles a gritty, street-level, noir detective story? Does he make it out alive? Does anyone?

Listen to the episode and find out!

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Source: The Akron Comicon


  1. Freely admit that Ms. Tree is a hole in my comic knowledge. Never read anything with her in it. I have seen the random issue here and there in the cheap bins and have always been tempted. Now I will make sure to give it a try.

    Lastly, can't believe I forgot to comment on the Not Brand Ecch episode. I truly laughed out loud at the limericks involving creators!

    1. Thank you, Anj. Glad the humor comic solicited a laugh!

      Definitely give Ms Tree a show, if you can find a decent run at a decent price.