Wednesday, March 23, 2022

RGP #038 - Doom 2000 #24 & #25


DOOM 2099 #24 & 25, Marvel Comics, cover-dated December 1994 & January 1995.

"Island of Lost Souls,"  and "Fables of the Deconstruction," written by John Francis Moore and Warren Ellis, with art in both by Pat Broderick and John Nyberg.

What happens when Doom faces down Doom as they battle over who is actually Doom? Two Dooms enter, one Doom leaves. What does Professor Alan think about the end of this first era of the title?

Listen to the episode and find out!

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Next Time: Probably something other than Doom 2099, probably a What-If issue of some kind.

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  1. So my theory of a clone and an imprint didn't pan out. No surprise given my batting average. But sad because it means we can't debate the 'are either *really* Doom' discussion.

    It is interesting that this culmination of the first major arc happens during a creative transition. I have never seen Ellis or Moore at a con (would really love to meet Francis Moore given his collaborations with Chaykin) but would love to talk about that.

    Intriguing story and looking forward to hearing more whenever you pick this back up.

    Go Friars!

    1. John Francis Moore seems to be a bit "reclusive," at least in terms of convention appearances. But his work on Doom 2099 has led me to be excited whenever I see his name pop up on another comic.