Thursday, September 2, 2021

CRJ #075 - August 2021

Professor Alan's Comic Book Reading Journal #075

August 2021

So what comics did Professor Alan read during August, as summer ended and school began? How many were new or mostly new comics? And how many celebrated #JackKirbyMonth? Listen to the episode AND FIND OUT!!!

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Next Episode: What comics did Professor Alan read during September -- as teaching is back in full swing? Listen to the next episode, which should be out in early October.

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  1. Definitely a great month for comics for you ...

    The Kirby First Issue Specials are a solid trio of books showing all his strengths. Did you know James Robinson brought Atlas in the super-books around the time of the New Krypton storyline!

    And, as you say, Manhunter is a very solid book and Mark Shaw has certainly had some legs. Yes, I am a bit invested in that character.

    But for me, I love that you sampled Sojourn. I will tell you that the early issues when Arwyn first discovers her bow and goes out on the quest to unite the five pieces of Ayden's arrow is very very solid comic reading. Ron Marz truly world builds. And this is early Greg Land art, still incredibly cheese-cakey but before the tracing/lifting took over.

    As you say, CrossGen was a candle that burned twice as bright and so lasted briefly. I wondered how the Sojourn story was going to end and asked Ron Marz at a con.

    Head here for that story:

    I would highly recommend the early Sojourn issues!

    1. Thanks for the CrossGen comments -- yes, as I flipped through each book or saw each house ad, I kept thinking about all that talent, and all that $$$ they were spending.