Friday, January 22, 2021

QBP #163 - Spider-Man Megazine #1

Quarter-Bin Podcast #163

Spider-Man Megazine #1, Marvel Comics, cover-dated October 1994.

Reprints of:

Amazing Spider-Man 16

Marvel Team-Up #1

Amazing Spider-Man 224 & 225

What happens when

Listen to the and find out!

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Link: Martin Gray's blog post on The Ray

Next Episode: The Brave & the Bold , DC Comics, cover-dated October 1976.

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Source: Packrat Comics


  1. Nice one, that was another very listenable show.

    I love that first DD costume, I see it not as yellow and brown, but yellow and leathery red. It’s so much more interesting than all red. The Ringmaster and his Circus of Crime are among Marvel’s finest comics concepts, being fun intellectually and visually.

    That Marvel team up story featuring Spidey and Torchy is a classic, with a bit of kindness putting Sandman on the route to being a better person. Also, Johnny’s off-duty togs. Stylish. That retcon about the Mugger victim in Marvel Team-Up #1 being Misty Knight was so randomly clever, I love it.

    I blooming love the Vulture – amazing visual, green feathers – he’s just amazing. When the tried to replace old Adrian with a younger model it went down like a lead buzzard.

    Thanks so much for the link to my old Ray review.

    1. Thanks for those thoughts, Mart. Thinking of the original DD costume as yellow and red leather helps. That's not a bad thought.