Monday, November 23, 2020

RGP #028 - #WarComicsMonth

Relatively Geeky Presents #28: #WarComicsMonth 2020

In this Veterans Day inspired episode, Professor Alan welcomes War comic mega-fans Kirk Spencer and Luke Jaconetti to discuss the genre of war comics. They talk about the current state of the genre, their histories with the genre, and their top 5 war titles. 

Did your favorite war title make the list? Listen to the episode and find out!

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Link: Luke Jaconetti's podcast Earth Destruction Directive 

Link: Kirk Spencer's twitter feed: @Big5Army

Kirk's War Comics Essential Reading List:

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  1. So hang on? Are you telling me that ‘The Haunted Tank’ wasn’t a Weird War Tales story set in an aquarium?

    Thanks for a great episode, such top guests. I wonder if Luke and Kirk - and indeed, your good self - have come across the UK’s Commando books, black and white digests telling tales of conflict down the centuries. They’ve been going since 1961, published by DC Thomson of Beano fame, and are well past #5000... collecting them would be a lovely new project for Luke. You can download a free issue here.

    That bit with the Creature Commandos being shot into space reminds me of when the same writer, Robert Kanigher, fired most of the Wonder Woman cast, summoning them to his office and them confining them to a desk drawer.

    Peter Tomasi and Patrick Gleason brought Dinosaur Island back in their Superman books a few years ago, along with Captain Storm, it was splendid stuff.

    I love the Sousa marches, but it’s really hard to take that one used for Monty Python seriously.

    Never mind New Frontier, the Losers died two different ways in Crisis on Infinite Earths? Once in the comic (modern day Markovia), once in a special (1945, Germany).

    I did enjoy the listing of favourite characters. Somewhere, ‘Battle Doll’ Mlle Marie is weeping attractively in French.

    I was a big war comics fan in the late Seventies and early Eighties, but I don’t enjoy tales set outside the Great War or the Second World War. Also, I am the anti-Luke, with no interest in tanks and ‘armour’ – I just want nice human stories. Ah well, War Wheels for courses and all that.

    The Viking Commando is about to make a comeback in DC’s Endless Winter event.

    I recently found out where the name ‘Sad Sack’ comes from. Tut.

    And finally, anyone who likes military fun should check out BBC Scotland’s Gary Tank Commander on You Tube.

    Roll on next year. Perhaps I’ll tell you how Great Granda Baxter went to war and got involved in some disgraceful shenanigans.

    1. I don't want to speak for Luke, but I think we were both saving the Lovely Marie for Kirk to lovingly discuss. Alas, no. I hate breaking French hearts, but ... there you go.

      And we'll see about next year. Sounds like you've got a story for us.

  2. Not a huge War Comics fan, only getting these here and there and usually by folks who would get me any comic they saw.

    That said, I do try to pick up Blackhawk when I can. Love the multinational flavor of the group. Gotta love Zinda. And I actually liked the Chaykin rethink of him.

    As always, thanks for covering. Good to hear about all these characters again.

    1. Blackhawk is pretty great, and the Chaykin version was a cool version.