Tuesday, August 11, 2020

QBP #156 - Teen Titans 100-Page Giant #1 (Wal-Mart)

 Quarter-Bin Podcast #156

Teen Titans Giant #1, DC Comics, cover-dated 2018.

4 separate reprint stories.

What happens when Professor Alan examines one of the comics from the Wal-Mart 100-page initiative? Was it a well-curated collection? How were the stores? And what does the Professor think of some of DC's recent moves?

Listen to the episode and find out!

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  1. I dipped my toes in and out of that Teen Titans run hoping that it would get my attention. I think I still have the first year in my collection. But it never grabbed me long enough to keep me.

    Now Super-Sons on the other hand was great. I have enjoyed a lot of what Bendis has done in the Superman books but aging Jon to have him join the Legion felt like a misstep. You can still have a teenage Jon joining the future team ... just at some point in a future we never reach in comic book terms. Timey wimey!

    1. Agreed. Certainly love the creation of Jon Kent,and that series is about the only time I've ever enjoyed Damian.

  2. Thanks for a nice listen, Professor Alan. I’ve not got this issue but I’ve read all the contents. That Johns/McKone Teen Titans had its moments but I hated that Johns erased all the character work Mark Waid and Karl Kesel had done with, respectively, Impulse and Superboy... Impulse lost his fun personality and became just a second-rate Kid Flash, while Kon-El became Conner, complete with new body type and a new power of super-angst.

    As ever with Dan Jurgens, he writes an entertaining script for the new Teen Titans story, but I’d rather he’d given us HIS Titans ie Risk, Mirage, Hotspot and Prysm.

    You know I love the Super Sons, talking about them makes me sad - DC had such a good thing going with Peter Tomasi’s Superman Family living in Hamilton. Bring that set-up back in the next universal reset, I say.

    I liked Sideways a lot more than you, I’ve no problem with DC having a Spidey knock-off, it’s not like Marvel don’t do it all the time with the likes of Nova and Ms Marvel III. There’s one issue of Sideways in which he’s dealing with the aftermath of tragedy, and it’s great.

    I didn’t know about the final page next issue boxes, sounds like a rotten waste of space. I’d rather have Who’s Who reprints. The intro pages make sense, though.

    I don’t have any problem with a Superman comic having a Green Lantern backup or a Wonder Woman giant featuring Hoppy the Marvel Bunny or whomever – you have your headline character, then you have you supporting strips, i don’t see why they have to be from the same ’family’.