Monday, May 11, 2020

QBP #152 - JSA Classified #1

Quarter-Bin Podcast #152

JSA Classified #1, DC Comics, cover-dated February 2005.

"Power Trip, part I of IV," by Geoff Johns, with art by Amanda Conner & Jimmy Palmiotti.

What happens when Professor Alan takes on a story featuring Power Girl? How much of the episode run-time is dedicated to covering the story's attributes, and how much to Power Girl's most ... famous ... attributes?

Listen to this episode ... and find out!

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Next Episode: Thor Annual #6, Marvel Comics, cover-dated 1977.

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  1. Great episode and yes, there’s something weird about that cover. The eyes make her look possessed, the chest is too in your face, like a parody bosom. I remember enjoying the continuity porn of this comic, although I do get tired of characters like Peege and Hawkman and Donna Troy having to be constantly explained over several issues before they can just get on with bashing baddies. There’s something to be said for the All-Star Superman opening four panels telling you all you need.

    1. Yeah, I wonder about all the re-presenting of the origin over and over and over. Of course, changing it over and over and over is even worse. Yuck.

  2. Oh, and on the music front, as we’re after Classical, how about Debussy’s The Sea for Aquaman? Ride of the Valkyries for, Er, Valkyrie? Perhaps other listeners have suggestions!