Wednesday, April 22, 2020

QBP #151 - Archie 101

Quarter-Bin Podcast #151

Archie 101, Archie Comics, cover-dated August 1959.

Many stories, with very few credits.

What happens when Professor Alan starts a series of rule-breaking episodes, where he "expands" the definition of "quarter-bin?"In this case, he looks at a book he found on the Hoola Digital app, which runs through public libraries. And is it or is it not the oldest comic he's ever covered on the show?

Listen to the episode and find out!

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Next Episode: JSA Classified #1, DC Comics, cover-dated September 2005.    .

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Source: Hoopla Digital App


  1. Thanks for another tiptop episode. I didn’t really understand all of the lengthy Hoopla business - why is there a three-week lending limit when it’s digital, can’t lots of folk read at once?

    That’s a super-cute Archie cover! It sounds like a fun comic, I like a bit of Archie because US life as depicted in these comics is akin to Krypton or the 30th century, with all the malt shops, and teenagers with cars and the like. Shame about all the (ugh) sports, though.

    UK humour comics used to pay for letters too, a 50p postal order when I was growing up.

    The posh background music was quite nice, but have you thought of episode specific music, such as Fifties doo-wop for Archie, American pastoral for Superman or something super-pompous for Dr Doom?

    1. I like your notion of Riverdale as an alien planet.

      And given your status as the network's official music critic, I will take those suggestions under advisement.