Friday, March 27, 2020

Quarter-Bin #150 - Defenders 99

Quarter-Bin Podcast #150

Defenders 99, Marvel Comics, cover-dated September 1981.

"The Final Conflict?" by JM DeMatteis, with art by Don Perlin and Joe Sinnott.

What happens when many of Marvel's supernatural bad guys conspire to steal a Florida town? And what happens when one of the Quarter-Bin's regular guests shows up to discuss this issue?

Listen to the episode and find out!

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  1. Great episode!

    I bought Defenders #100 off the rack, my only Defenders comic ever! Even at that tender age, I knew the siren's call of an anniversary issue.

    I'll also say Defenders #100 was probably my first comic that had the Silver Surfer, Doctor Strange, and Clea. So this was a bit of a gateway to the Marvel U. (I had met Namor, Nighthawk, and others in different mags.)

    I can remember thinking a young man's thoughts about Clea even then, a comic crush which has lingered into my older years.

    But certainly Hellcat as an actual slinky seductive demon was burned into my little Catholic brain even back then.

    I don't have the issue any more, part of a parental purge somewhere along the way. But parts of that story definitely are still in my memory.

    So I was thrilled to see you were covering this issue, the lead in to that one! Great discussion. Sounds like a bonkers issue!

    As always, thanks for covering!

    1. Thank you for the feedback, Anj.

      And for you, it was Hellcat and Clea. As I've discussed on prior episodes, for me it was Scarlet Witch. Still have that crush on her.

  2. A guest, and what a treat, it’s always lovely to hear from Paul, he’s smart and has a splendid manner, his voice calm but full of character. You were good too, Professor.

    What a great, fun issue from one of my favourite runs of the Defenders, JM DeMatteis really brought some energy into a book that had been lacklustre for a while. I always liked Perlin, and under the super-sleek Sinnott, his work never looked better. My favourite demon is the pink one with three eyes on stalks, what a cutie! I like Milgrom’s cover, too!

    I have the opposite view to Paul so far as the defensive line-up* is concerned, for me, a definitive Defenders needs Stephen, Patsy, Kyle and Val... Surfer is boring, Namor pompous and Hulk... actually, he’s OK, he was always rather sweet in Defenders, but he’s not essential. I do agree, though, that the Busiek/Larsen mini was great, ditto the sequel, The Order, by Busiek, Mary Jo Duffy, Matt Haley and Dan Jurgens.

    The only problem with this episode?

    Damian Hellstrom? It’s Damon, DAMON, dammit! Damian Hellstrom is off on a team-up with ZaNtanna. Sheesh.

    *Phrase courtesy of the excellent Titan Up the Defense podcast, obviously.

    1. Glad to hear that I am good, too! Completely agree on Paul, however.

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