Friday, October 25, 2019

QBP #144 - Four Color Comcs 1253

Quarter-Bin Podcast #144

Four Color Comics 1253 (aka Space Man #1), Dell Comics, cover-dated January - March 1962.

The untitled story was written by Ken Fitch, with art by Jack Sparling.

What happens when Professor Alan talks about a sci-fi comic from before he was born? Can he even talk about this comic, or will the anti-force prevent him? And does he really take valuable podcast time to talk about puzzle books?

Listen to the episode and find out!

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Next Episode: The Secret City Saga #0 & Bombast! #1, Topps Comics, both cover-dated April 1993.

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Source: World's Greatest Comics


  1. Great episode, this comic sounds rather the fine read. I see copies on UK Ebay of later editions and there, indeed, is (presumably) the missus in a space suit. Good on her. I do hope Mom stops weeping, though. A guy's gotta take care of Space Business. Hey, you could become a Space Business lecturer!

    The idea of an astronaut following his missing pop into space has just come up again in the Brad Pitt (or was it Matt Damon?) film Ad Astra (wasn't that an old sci-fi mag?), which I never saw because it sounds as dull as Gravity.

    And I think it is just you who hears 'spaceman' and thinks 'extraterrestrial'. Remember Mark Twain's The Spaceman and King Arthur?

    1. Thank you, Sir Martin. Glad to see that (it seems) Mrs. Space Woman joins the series!

      Space Business!

      Yes, maybe just me who thinks "Space Man" as alien. Thank you for (as always) setting me straight !!!!!

    2. Oh dear, I’m a nag, aren’t I?

    3. Only if where you're from, "nag" means "good friend." In that case, then yes.