Friday, June 7, 2019

SS #065 - Defining Our Terms

Shortbox Showcase #65 - Defining our Terms

In this episode, Em and Alan are taking one of their common segments, and turning it into an entire episode!

We talk about a range of topics and concepts that arise out of criticism, reviews, and fan culture. It's a throwback episode to the good ol' days of semi-academic, pseudo-intellectual pretension!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Great show, what a fantastic idea, it was brilliant to hear your take on terms filtered through your own experiences and personalities.

    I’ve not heard of, was it Reviewtainment? Sounds like I shouldn’t bother, it seems those folk were taking themselves a tad seriously.

    I have a Film and English Studies degree (loads of schools of critical theory in there), journalism training and decades of experience, but I’m just a reviewer! Please don’t judge my blog too harshly, it’s just off the top of my head nonsense written with the hope of stimulating chat. I am, as all the best people say, not an expert.

    What was the six-page spy story you mentioned, Alan?

    It doesn’t change a lot of your argument, Em, but It wasn’t Jade who was killed in Green Lantern, it was his live-in girlfriend, Alex. Jade came later, and she really wasn’t his co-star, she was strictly supporting cast.

    1. Thank you, Martin. Reviews and criticism both have their places, and you are one of our favorite reviewers. Just the way you are.

      I do not remember what that story was. I didn't save it, as I didn't realize I would be referencing it years later.

      And yes, we got the wrong Kyle Raynor girlfriend. But in our defense, he's had LOTS of girlfriends ...