Friday, April 12, 2019

SS #063 - Spidey-Talk

Shortbox Showcase #63 - Your Friendly Neighborhood Episode

After going over a lot of feedback from a lot of their favorite old and new feedbackers, Alan and Em chat for a little about our recent interactions with everybody's favorite wall-crawling web-slinger.

We talk about Into the Spider-Verse, Infinity War, the PS4 game, but mostly they talk about their love for the recently-killed Spider-Man Unlimited iOS game. How much did they love this great game?

Listen to this episode ... and find out!

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  1. Is ‘congratulations on hitting sand’ a thing? That had me scratching my head, and Googling!

    And I’ve never got into Harry Potter (too convoluted), Lord of the Rings (got halfway through the second film and left - all it was, was intercutting between CGI crowds gathering outside some castle and that Gollum thing wittering on), Star Wars (enjoyable, but not compelling). I’ve seen plenty of Doctor Who but it constantly disappoints. The TV version, anyway.

    I’ve also never played video games (tried Binatone tennis, I wasn’t very good), and while I plan to watch Into The Spiderverse, I’m waiting for the right pile of ironing. So this episode isn’t my jam, but I do love to hear you two chatter away.

    Will Em be reviewing that Marvel Comic that came out last week from those McElroy podcasters she likes? War of the Realms, if memory serves.

    It’s 20,000 comics DC is adding, which is a bummer for non-US types.

    1. Well, I'm glad we put all of our "Sir Sir Martin doesn't like this" content into one episode!

      But after all of our Doctor Who content, it's good to have you back listening and commenting.

  2. I did listen to some of the Doctor Who stuff, but Febwhoary was tres busy so I was a tad rubbish with responding. I especially enjoyed your bit on fave companions. I go for Sarah-Jane, because we’re in the same union, and Turlough, because gingers in cricket sweaters are very enticing.