Tuesday, March 26, 2019

QBP #132 - All-New X-Men 32

All-New X-Men #32, Marvel Comics, cover-dated November 2014.

Untitled by Brian Michael Bendis, with art by Mahmoud Asrar.

What happens when the younger versions of the original X-Men find themselves on an alternate Earth? How does X-23 deal with landing in the middle of a football game -- or is it a match? How Jean Grey deal with hanging out Miles Morales? How does Iceman deal with landing UNDER the Earth? And how does Professor Alan deal with the first ever X-book covered her on the podcast?

Listen to the episode and find out!

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  1. I bought this series as it came out paying (gasp) cover price.

    For me, it was the premise that sold it. At this time, Cyclops was leading a Magneto-style revolution. There were as many Hellfire Club members in the 'good guys' as the bad. And many Xmen were dead.

    The odd idea the Beast had of bringing their younger, more idealistic younger selves to berate the adult versions to be hero was crazy.

    It led to a lot, and I mean a lot, of great scenes of younger selves confronting older selves. Young Cyclops basically told old cyclops he hated him.

    But the best thing was the arrival of the young Jean Grey. Everyone looked at her with a little fear, as if they were waiting for her to manifest the Phoenix and go villain. And yet, to this Jean, that hadn't/didn't happen. Heck, this was an early 'Marvel Girl' Jean who barely new she was telepathic. So lots of grist for the mill there.

    It did make me wonder what a 15 year old Anj might say if he saw what the current day Anj was doing. I think he'd be pretty pumped ... but who knows.

    1. Thank you, Anj. I am sure that young Anj would love your passion for comics and conventions, etc ... as far as the medical stuff? Who knows?

      Thanks for the info and background on this. I know the Doctor Who episodes were not everybody's cuppa, so glad to have back on the feedback train!

  2. I was buying these issues too, and while I enjoyed the character bits, the lack of story momentum eventually saw me pack it in.

    1. I get that -- that can be a problem with Bendis, if you're reading month to month.