Friday, May 18, 2018

SS #058 - The Best-Sellers

Shortbox Showcase #58 - The Best Sellers

In this top-selling new episode, Em and Professor Alan talk about the top-selling comic books for March 2018. How do the books that THEY are reading compare to the books that EVERYBODY ELSE is reading? What is the current state of their pull-list?

Listen to this episode ... and find out!

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  1. Great episode. You’ll know by now that Supergirl and Super Sons are coming back, so no slots for new purchases there. If you have the cash, though, do try Terrifics, it’s great fun.

    I appreciate the craft of Mr Miracle, the creators are doing great things playing with the comics form, but I just don’t enjoy it. I find reading an issue akin to slogging through a porridge laced with depressants. People as smart as Dr Anj love it, but I couldn’t even face opening the last issue.

    So I can’t wait for Professor Alan and crew to try it and share their thoughts.

    1. Thank you, Sir Sir Martin. Terrifics is definitely on the list And we will keep you all posted!

      Thanks for listening, and for the feedback!