Monday, April 23, 2018

QBP #117 - Flash 52

Quarter-Bin Podcast #117

Flash 52, DC Comics, cover-dated July 1991.

"Death & Taxes," by William Messner-Loebs, with art by Greg LaRocque & Jose Marzan, Jr.

Did you know that Professor Alan, in his early days, was a Certified Public Accountant? After this episode, you will have no doubt about that. What happens when he tries to combine a discussion of a comic book and a lecture about tax policy?

Listen to the episode and find out!

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  1. The Bill Loebs Flash and Wonder Woman runs are criminally underrated, as issues like this demonstrate. They’re quirky as heck but fit perfectly in the DCU. Wally as taxman is something I never expected to see and while I’m glad it was a brief moment, it’s a unique and entertaining one. And thank you for the value-added commentary on the workings of the tax system, never has the phrase ‘...but back to the comic’ sounded so sweet. Admit it, this was a backdoor pilot for Professor Alan’s Taxing Times.

    What did you think about the art? I’m always surprised by how popular a penciller Greg LaRocque was and would love your opinion. Apologies if you did indeed discuss it, maybe it came right after one of the tax digressions...

    1. "maybe it came right after one of the tax digressions..." -- meaning maybe you hadn't woken up yet. Well, NOW YOU KNOW what my students have to deal with on a regular basis!

      I would say that there was nothing particularly noteworthy, one way or the other, about the art.

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