Friday, February 16, 2018

SS #057 - Black Lightning at 40

Shortbox Showcase #57 - Justice ... Like Lightning

In this electrifying new episode, Emily and Professor Alan talk about TV's newest super hero super star, Black Lightning. They cover his earliest comic appearances from the 1970s, as well as the new TV show on the CW Network. Which version do they prefer, the classic or the new?

Listen to this episode ... and find out!

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  1. Great bunch of Noir recommendations for Isaac. I’d also say grab Don McGregor and Gene Colan’s two Nathaniel Dusk mini series from the Eighties. There are a fair few issues floating around cheap on eBay. McGregor isn’t at his worriesr and Colan’s art, reproduced directly from his art, is gorgeous. And with Nathaniel Dusk appearing in the Doomsday Clock mini, prices will likely shoot up.

    I’ve not watched beyond the first Black Lightning episode but I liked it well enough (I love Cress Williams’ sartorial style, Peter is far better than Paul). I must watch more. I liked that 1995 series, even wrote an article about it for the old website about it. I shall spare you!

    Thanks for the tease about your new project, Perfessor, I can’t wait to see who your guests will be.

    1. Oh yes, Nathaniel Dusk! Prof Alan LOVED those series, and is thinking he may need to dig them back out soon!