Friday, June 16, 2017

QBP #100, Part 2

Quarter-Bin Podcast #100, part 2

The party rolls on! This is the Part 2 of the summer-long Quarter-Bin 100 Celebration! It's another 2-hour long monstrosity episode, in which Professor Alan talks about 19 different comics, with some of his best podcasting buddies from around the world! This episode has DCs, Marvels & Independents! Books from the 1990s! And the late 1980s! And the 1990s! Even a few from the recent 2010s! This episode has IT ALL!

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Next Episode: Episode 100, part 3! Another 18 or so books, another 10 or so guests!

The music in the episode is from Jeff Johnson.

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  1. Is it OK to comment before finishing this mammoth treat? I loved hearing some Power of the Atom talk... that comic was a joy to me after Sword of the Atom. The latter was good for what it was - Lord, it had Gil Kane art, how could the specials be bad? - but what it was, was a book predicated on a DC couple we'd waited nearly two decades to marry, splitting up. And then Ray runs away and becomes a tiny Conan, with a loincloth over his costume! What's the point of a size-changing hero when everyone else is the same size? SotA was an interesting diversion but Ray doesn't belong in some daft jungle permanently, he should be in Ivy Town as a science superhero. Roger Stern brought a real freshness to the character in Power of the Atom, tweaking his abilities and enriching his supporting cast, while sending him on rollicking adventures. Best Atom book bar the original, easy.

    1. To me, the Atom is one of Silver Age characters that may not work in the current day ... unfortunately, this category may well include the Challengers of the Unknown and Adam Strange, as well.

      SotA was, for me, the necessary change of pace, the shake-up that was needed. And I'll be honest, I love sword and sorcery, and this was one of the earliest series Em ever read, so I am biased.

  2. I'm so glad to hear some love for the Kurt Busiek Superman run, I adored it, especially the Insect Queen story. Especially nice was that he didn't limit Clark to the invulnerability/strength/heat vision/flight power set, remembering, for instance, that Clark has microscopic vision.

    Roll on Friday!