Wednesday, February 15, 2017

QBP #091 - The Weird #1 & #2

Quarter-Bin Podcast #91

The Weird #1 & #2, DC Comics, cover-dated April & May 1988.

"Conception" & "Questions," written by series creator Jim Starlin, with art by Bernie Wrightson & Dan Green.

What happens when a super-powerful (and potentially explosive) alien arrives on Earth? Can the Justice League keep him under control? Or will they keep him from accomplishing his goal of stopping an alien colonization? Listen to the episode and find out!

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Next Episode: The Weird #3 & #4, DC Comics, cover-dated June & July 1988.

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  1. Thanks for covering!

    I have to say that I found this to be the muddiest of Bernie Wrightson's work. Still beautiful. But it wasn't as polished as his work on Swamp Thing. Perhaps that is Dan Green's inks.

    The story itself is a bit of a muddle. The Weird's costume is strange but oddly grabbing. And I do like that this was a threat that could stand up to Superman.

    Lastly, Zarolotts (sp) were name dropped on the Supergirl show last season! Incredible!

    1. Thank, Anj. Yes, these issues live up to their name. I like the sort of almost Ninja costume, although the inconsistent coloring was a bit off-putting.

      And of course if there was a Supergirl reference, you could catch it!

      As always, thanks for the listen.

  2. Nice episode. I avoided The Weird at the time, partly because I'm not a big Starlin fan, but mainly because I hate hate HATE adjectives as nouns. It's not The Weird, it's The Weird Something! As for the Ultimates...

    Your Weird voice was very like Diabolu Frank's Mr Biscuits rendition - what could it mean?

    I did read The Weird eventually. Well, the first issue at least. The OK.

    1. Don't get used to the voices, The Martin. Not planning for that to become a regular feature.

      Thanks for the listen!