Wednesday, January 25, 2017

SS #049 - Shooting the Breeze

Shortbox Showcase #49 - Shooting The Breeze

In this episode, Emily & Professor Alan go over TONS of listener feedback, mostly about Rebirth, but also (of course) about comic book organizing. They also chat for a bit about 2016, and what they are anticipating for 2017.

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  1. Loved the feedback show, and don't apologise for it being so feedbacky- look on it as a New Teen Titans #8 or Avengers #194, a Day in the Life/interlude episode. They were often my favourites.

    Thanks for reading my comments and typically, after praising Detective to the skies we get a two-issue focus on Batwoman to put me off getting her upcoming book. And Superwoman suddenly has some proper storytelling issues (see Dr Anj). Still, they're more great than not.

    As regards Michael's comics organising, he
    mentioned Superboy in two separate places. I suppose it's Clark and Kon being distinct characters but I'd throw 'em together. As for your own queries, I'd file books by name of character rather than event, so Atom is Atom, not DC Rebirth: Justice League - The Atom. Happily, Comixlogy how does that for me.

    I have heard of a Legion fan who would buy multiple copies and file them by character. They're likely dead now, rotting in a pauper's grave, with only a Mylar bag for a casket.

    Zook in Martian Manhunter is tremendous, but I did love Emily rhyming 'sprite' with spite.

    Yes, Superman #7 is indeed the county fair issue. Read it with Mel Tormé singing that marvellously mad song in the background

    I honestly would never swear on someone else's podcast. I don't even use fruity language on my own blog.
    Definition of titchy in English:

    Very small:
    ‘a titchy theatre’

    Definition of faff in English:

    Spend time in ineffectual activity:
    ‘we can't faff around forever’

    1. Thank you for the definitions ... and for your willingness to be a running joke.

  2. Hey Alan and Emily, long time listener, first time caller, love the show.

    I had to chime in after I heard something on your latest episode when you referred back to a previous discussion about the Superman/Wonder Woman romance in DC Comics during the New 52. One of you compared it to the captain of the football team dating the captain of the cheerleading squad, or maybe you were referencing someone else making that comparison.

    Here's the thing, though: I find fault with that analogy. Superman and Wonder Woman aren't the quarterback and the cheerleader. Superman and LOIS LANE are the quarterback and the cheerleader.

    Superman and Wonder Woman are like Mitch Unrein and Corey Cogdell. If you've never heard those names before, Unrein is a professional football player for the Chicago Bears. Cogdell is an Olympic medal winner in the field of trap shooting (which is a thing, I guess). Unrein and Cogdell are married.

    Last summer, during the Rio games, the couple was part of a minor Twitter controversy when the CHICAGO TRIBUNE tweeted: "Wife of Bears' lineman wins a bronze medal today in Rio Olympics."

    Corey Cogdell is a three-time Olympian and medal winner, and the Tribune tweet didn't even mention her name, only her status as it relates to a football player in the newspaper's hometown.

    That is the problem with a Superman/Wonder Woman couple. It turns Diana from the first and greatest female superhero, to her boyfriend's plus one. He's freaking Superman and everyone else lives in his shadow (the Caped Crusader notwithstanding), and Wonder Woman deserves better than that.

    1. You are actually getting at my (Alan) core issue with the relationship, especially in some versions. It lowers Diana.

      A common version of this is the "Lois is Superman's One True Love, but after she dies, he settles down with Wonder Woman" notion. NO NO NO!!!!! She is not his rebound.