Friday, December 16, 2016

SS #048 - Rebirth Review!

Shortbox Showcase #48 - The Rebirth Report

As lifelong DC fans, Emily & Alan thought it was important that they give their "take" on the DC Rebirth Era, 6 months in.In this is episode, they talk about all of the rebirth books they are currently reading, as well as the trade paperbacks that they are looking forward to.

They also make a MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT about their collecting. And get schooled by a range of listeners on a range of subjects in a dramatic feedback segment.

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  1. How lovely to hear your views on Rebirth, Emily and Professor Alan. Mine are all over my blog, Too Dangerous For a Girl, so just a few titchy comments here...

    Birds of Prey isn't bad, but Babs as Batgirl throws off the dynamic - she needs to be Oracle for this book to work; as is, we have three heroes with too many similarities in the way they operate. Personality differences aren't enough... not that Dinah gets to show off hers much. As regards the new Huntress costume, purple and white is always a welcome combo, but the new coat is awful looking, so clunky. Yeah, it may be handy for riding a motorbike, and allow her to kick, but, visually, it's rubbish compared to the original version from the Seventies. Her silhouette should recall the Batman, but she looks like a drab. And I miss the sleek hair.

    You are correct, Professor Alan, Huntress was the backup in Wonder Woman, after a handful of Batman Family stories. I could never figure out why she wasn't in a Bat-book, but never mind, that was my favourite Helena. Remember the Earthworm? Ick.

    I think 'Diggle' as a deliberate evocation of 'Little' is the brain looking for connections that aren't there, Emily – although yes, the bridge fight had to be a callback to Robin Hood. John Diggle never existed prior to the Arrow TV series – he was named for Andy Diggle, who wrote a mini-series I never read because, well, it's a Green Arrow origin.

    I don't mind Jessica Cruz but I can't get behind Simon Baz as a Green Lantern
    carrying a sidearm. Plus, why does DC's idea of human 'diversity' never look beyond the US?

    I quite like the DC You (I think 'New You' is a diet plan) Constantine book but I was realy bothered by the half-mast trousers. What was that all about?

    I loved Starfire, I wish we still had her book rather than her suddenly appearing in Teen Titans with pink hair to match the telly cartoon.

    I was intrigued by the Wonder Woman Rebirth Special but I managed only about three months of the flip-flopping stories (though it felt like a longer, so hey, good value!). The origin was just too boring and drawn out compared to the snappy original, and I'd read two or three WW origins already this year; plus, despite Nicola Scott's talent, I don't like her uninked art as much as when she works with, say, Doug Hazlewood. Her Diana has these sappy facial expressions that bother me.

    As for The Lies, that's where my interest lay, but I bailed after about three chapters of Diana faffing about in the jungle, and the Cheetah being constantly referred to as 'Barbara Ann' when this version's always been plain 'Barbara' irked me.

    I've really enjoyed the opening arc of Nightwing, and the new Bl├╝dhaven story is shaping up nicely.

    What you guys have to try are the Superman Family of tiles - Superwoman. New Super-Man, Action Comics... they're all terrific. Superman, though, is utterly wonderful. OK, there IS an unfortunate event in the debut issue, but after that the adventures for Lois, Clark and Jon have just gotten better and better. Try the one-shot issue #7 and let me know what you think.

    And just plain dive into Detective Comics, in which James Tynion IV and, mainly, Eddy Barrows bring Batman Family brilliance.

    Looking forward to more Rebirth reviews as you try more series.

    1. That was so kind ... we don't know how to respond ;O)

      Appreciate the Rebirth advice. And thanks for adding the reference to Too Dangerous. I forgot to mention your work there, last time.

      Thanks for being a good sport about sending harsh feedback. This one is going to ruin your reputation!

  2. Really enjoyable episode! So glad to hear you enjoying current comics and joining the dreaded... Full Price Society!! :)

    Echoing Martin's comments above:
    - Yes, Diggle appeared in TV first, named for Andy Diggle the comic writer of GREEN ARROW YEAR ONE. Interesting that Felicity Smoak was an obscure comic character popularized by the TV show; whereas Diggle is somewhat the opposite.
    - Yes, Detective Comics is loads of fun! Because it's not a Batman book, but a Bat-Family book! I thought I was over my "Batman Phase", but this book has recaptured my 1990s love of Tim Drake and Spoiler.
    - Superman. For goodness sake, go buy Superman!! After years away, I came back to the Super books with “Lois & Clark”, stayed for Action Comics, but then fell in love with the Superman title! The first six issues are good (as Martin mentioned, brace yourself for something unpleasant early on), however, starting with issue #7 this series has been GOLD!!! Issue #7 is the best one-and-done comic DC has published in a long time. Plus, Superman #10 & 11 served as a warm-up for the SUPER SONS series, so they are must-read!

    Other titles:
    Teen Titans – I wanted to hate this book. Had no interested. Picked up the Rebirth special somewhat snobbishly just to confirm my continued hatred for what DC has done to the Teen Titans since 2011. … I want to hate this comic. .. I don’t want to buy this comic. … But dang it, I’m really enjoying it! It’s the most surprising for me. For now, they are getting my money each month on this one!

    The Titans – I’m biased on this one. I hate the art. Don’t care much about Roy since CRY FOR JUSTICE. This Donna Troy is lacking personality; and so is Garth. However, this series has MY Wally West. So I can’t help myself. And interestingly enough, no Watchmen references. Wally’s disappearance is now being blamed on Abra Kadabra.

    Trinity – As you discussed, surprisingly good! Then again, Francis Manipul is amazing. Under a different creative team, not sure I’d stick around for this book.

    Deathstroke – I read the Rebirth special and the first three issues. It was somewhat entertaining, but not enough to keep me around.

    Future Quest – My absolute favorite comic each month! So much fun!!!

    I have to ask Emily, what does she hate about the TV series Chuck? Personally I loved the Chuck series! While I feel Big Bang Theory tears down geeks and mocks them, I felt Chuck celebrated being a geek. Emily mentioned some issues with the portrayal of Sara. I’m a middle aged white male, so I’m not in tune with feminist issues. I’m trying to pay more attention to these areas, especially as my own 10 year old daughter gets exposed to more popular culture. I thought Sara was pretty cool. Very independent and awesome fighter. Admittedly they used her as sex appeal every chance they got (and more gratuitously as the show went on). Just bear in mind who is typing this letter. I am the Irredeemable Shag, so you know I’m going to say, “She’s hot”. I also recognized that given Sara’s training, she should have saved the day more often than Chuck. I loved the show and the characters. Beyond that, I’m curious to hear Emily’s concerns. I’m not arguing the issue, just admitting that I’m probably blind to whatever concerns she might have.

    Really fun episode!! Keep up the great work!!

    1. Know how much we've been infected by Full Price Fever? We bought the Holiday Special for $9.99 ... and loved it!

      Hanna-Barbera ... that's what I'm talking about. It's crazy!

      Thanks for the feedback, as always!