Friday, April 1, 2016

FO2B #41 - Flash & Green Arrow


Welcome to the latest offering from the official podcast of the Bloodlines Best Event Ever Network.

In this all-new, all-Bloodlines episode, we cover the awesomeness contained in Flash Annual #6 & Green Arrow Annual #6 . These incredible issues feature the fantabulous debuts of two of the most Bloodlines-errific characters EVER, The Hook and Argus. We tlk about these icons, as well as piles of listener feedback!

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Special thanks to Christopher Ouellette, from Beware of Monsters.

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  1. Though I'm sure it was hardly any effort at all, you did this material Extreme Justice!

    Can't wait for Episode 42!

    1. If I can even approach the quality of the underlying material ... I've done my work.

  2. I didn't think you could top Episode 35... and then you went and dropped an "Eddie and the Cruisers" reference! Great work, as always, Alan!

    1. "Eddie & the Cruisers II" is pretty much the Bloodlines of movies, if you know what I'm saying.

  3. Alan M! Another fine episode celebrating the Best Ever crossover! A few random thoughts...

    1) 10,000 foot level? What the heck is that about? Sounds stupid. Please don't use it again. Waste of air time.

    2) Love that Tangent promo! I recall hearing it before, but it still cracks me up!

    3) In regard to the eventual live action Bloodlines film franchise... let's get real. They need to go big or go home. If they don't cast Eric Roberts as Loose Cannon, then why bother even making the films. Seriously.

    4) Hooray for Argus! Argus and Geist are two of my favorite Bloodlines characters. I mean, they are no Razorsharp and the Psyba-Rats, but then again, who is?

    5) I really appreciate your continued enthusiasm for this comic series. But I was surprised during this episode that you didn't use your usual catchphrase even once. I missed your bellowing, "Extreme Team" phrase. Did you skip it to see if anyone would notice? Like part of an April Fool's Day joke or something?

    Another great episode! Looking forward to the 8 part deep-dive into Jamm!!!

    The Irrefutable Shag