Wednesday, November 11, 2015

QBP #062 - Blackhawk 122

Quarter-Bin Podcast #62

Blackhawk 122, DC Comics, cover-dated March 1958.

In observation of Veteran's Day, Professor Alan takes a look at a classic war comic, and by classic he means one that almost six decades old! And he does so with the help of a number of buddies who were (or are) members of the US Armed Forces. They talk a bit about the comic, and even more about their time in the service.

No writing credits are available for the stories, although editor Jack Schiff may have done some of the writing. Individual stories covered are:

"The Movie That Backfired," with art by Dick Dillin and Sheldon Moldoff.
"The Sky Kites," with art by Dick Dillin and Chuck Cuidera
"The Day the Blackhawks Died," by Dick Dillin and Chuck Cuidera.

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Note: Most of the music for this episode performed by the Official United States Military Bands, from the CD "God Bless the USA: 50 Patriotic Favorites."  Music from the CD "America's Favorite Marches: John Philip Sousa" was also used.

Next Episode: Nightmask #1, Marvel Comics' New Universe, cover-dated November 1986.

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