Saturday, October 3, 2015

CRJ #004 - September 2015

Professor Alan's Comic Book Reading Journal #004

September 2015

So what comic books did Professor Alan read in August? Did he actually survive a meetup with The Irredeemable Shag, Michael Bradley, and others? Can he go more than ten minutes without mentioning The Spectre? And what embarrassing books did he find when he actually got around to re-organizing his collection over Labor Day?

Listen to this super-special episode #4 ... and find out!

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Next Episode: What did Professor Alan read in October? Now that he's back on a full-time professor's schedule, will he have any time to read comics or all - even the ones Rob Lantz gave him? Will there be ANYTHING for him to talk about in that episode? Tune in, in early November and find out! 

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