Saturday, May 2, 2015

RGP #003 -- Boom & Bust

Relatively Geeky Presents ... Boom & Bust!

Continuing the conversation that began in Quarter-Bin Podcast #50, Professor Alan talks with Ed Moore, Paul Spataro, and Tom Panarese about the business of comics. They start with the speculator boom (and bust) of the 1990s. but also talk about the current state of comics, including price points, digital comics, and getting kids to read comics.

Also, Professor Alan talks one-on-one with The Irredeemable Shag about the topic. Shag was working in the comic book retail space during this era, and he brings his knowledge and insights to the conversation.

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Link: Ed Moore's Teal Productions Facebook page
Link: Tom Panarese's Pop Culture Affidavit site 
Link: Paul Spataro's Back to the Bins podcast
Link: Shag's Firestorm Fan site 

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  1. Oops. Of all the facts, figures, and dates I shared on the podcast, I just realized I got one wrong. Embarrassingly, it was about myself! I actually started working for the comic book shop in October or November of 1991 (not 1992 as I stated in the episode). Whoops!

    1. Don't worry, I will email out a correction to everyone who downloaded the episode!

      Seriously, though ... that conversation with you was a terrific way to cap off those episodes. Really appreciate your insights and knowledge. Even Emily listened and learned a thing or two!